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Egg Freezing


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As the number of women waiting to have children increases, fertility is increasingly being delayed until later age. There are various reasons why women and couples are choosing to have babies later. Pressures of work life, social reasons, financial insecurity or just waiting for the right partner means that women may not know if they need fertility treatment until years later. 

Women have a finite number of eggs, and the ovarian reserve is in constant decline over time. It is known that the fertility rates decrease after the age of thirty five years. The chances of starting a family falls significantly after the age of thirty seven. The most common reason for fertility problems after this age is related to abnormalities in the eggs. 

Egg freezing by a specialist clinic offers the option to preserve fertility and for women to take control of their reproductive health. Egg freezing procedures have progressed to the point where success rates for implantation are now very good, and the procedure is relatively safe.

What is Egg Freezing?

Freezing eggs (or Oocyte Cryopreservation, to give it it's proper name) is a more difficult procedure than freezing embryos, but modern methods of fast freezing creates fewer ice crystals to be formed in the egg, leading to much better results after thawing. Eggs using this method have a 95% chance of surviving. Pregnancy rates for frozen eggs are similar to that of fresh eggs in IVF. To date, more than a thousand babies have been born from frozen eggs.

Egg Freezing in London

Our Harley Street fertility clinic is a unique, modern and bespoke private fertility service in the heart of London. We offer a one-stop private personalised fertility assessment and treatments with a wholesome and holistic approach. 

The London egg freezing clinic specialises in this type of reproductive medicine. Here, eggs are frozen and stored for another day when you are ready to have your baby. The fertility clinic has a very high success rate for treating infertility using frozen eggs and Egg freezing now offers a genuine hope to women who want to
preserve their fertility.