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Egg Freezing

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Our Egg Freezing Programme

Our egg freezing programme provides patients with an end-to-end service and one single cost:

  • Initial consultation covering:
    • Your personal history
    • AMH test
    • 3D ultrasound screen
    • Your personalised plan for egg freezing
  • Ovarian stimulation with daily FSH injections
  • 3-5 ultrasound scans at:
    • days 5/6, 7/9 and 10/13 depending on the cycle
  • hCG injection to stimulate egg release
  • Egg collection at London Women’s Clinic
  • Egg preparation
  • Egg freezing
  • One year’s egg storage
  • Follow-up consultation 7-8 days post procedure

The egg freezing programme at Fertility Plus costs £5,500

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