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Egg Freezing

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De-Mystifying Egg Freezing

Myth 1.  Egg Freezing is new and experimental

Egg freezing has been around for over 30 years and until 2013 was considered to be experimental.  In 2013 The American society of reproductive medicine reviewed the evidence on egg freezing and suggested that egg freezing was safe. 

The first baby born from a frozen egg was in 1986 and since then over 2000 babies have been born.

Myth 2:  Egg Freezing is not successful

At Fertility Plus we have achieved a successful pregnancy rate of 50%.  Recent advances in freezing have achieved higher survival rates for frozen eggs and the success rates are higher the earlier the eggs are frozen.

Myth 3: Egg Freezing is a Guaranteed Result to Have a Baby

Egg freezing is certainly game-changing in terms of fertility advancement but it does not guarantee a baby and there are many factors that affect success.  At Fertility Plus we have achieved success rate of 50% when freezing eggs under the maternal age of 37.

Myth 4: Egg Freezing is Expensive

At Fertility Plus, our egg freezing package costs £5,500

Myth 5: Egg Freezing should happen before 40

As egg health depletes over time, for women wanting to preserve fertility, egg freezing should be undertaken prior to 40 at the latest in order to ensure freezing of healthy eggs.   The evidence of successful egg freezing after this age is limited.

Myth 6: There are health risks associated with egg freezing

So far there have been no proven health risks associated with egg freezing.  Babies that have been born from thawed eggs are healthy.


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