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Are IVF Pregnancies More Precious?

Recently, the BBC commented on a research that women who went for fertility treatments had a huge emotional impact on them as well as their partners. Many consultants and patients did consider that IVF pregnancies are more precious. It is a well-known fact that trying for a pregnancy over many years as well as the anxiety and the stress of going through fertility treatments leads to the treatment as well as the pregnancy being more stressful combined with anxiety. There is no doubt that women who conceive naturally do go through anxieties of wellbeing but IVF women often feel that they require more support. It is well known that medically, there is a slightly higher risk of complications in IVF pregnancies, especially if the woman is older or having health complications and having fertility and it is important that obstetric consultants be vigilant while taking care of them.

Anil Gudi and Amit Shah

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