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IVF Success rate can be boosted. A new technology?

In the past few weeks there has been a huge amount of excitement with the description of a new technology which may, in the future, allow for better success in IVF procedures. Although, in the UK research has been done by the CARE Fertility Group, there has been a significant number of different equipment used in what has been described as a “time Lapse” technology. The time lapse technology of embryo managing believes in examining embryos and taking pictures at frequent intervals ranging from five minutes to ten minutes. These pictures are then collated and a description of the best embryo to be transferred is made. Thus, this helps laboratories to select the best quality embryo which develops at the optimum rate. There is some evidence that embryos develop at the optimum rate, with minimal abnormalities may be more genetically normal than the others. Thus, unlike checking for embryos once a day, this technique allows embryos to be checked at regular intervals. In some cases studies have been shown to improve pregnancy rates and may signal a new beginning in embryology. There are multiple equipment’s available and the embryoscope is one of them while the EVA is the other one. Both usie slightly different technology. These may work, provided that there are more than four to five embryos which can be studied. In women producing two or three embryos in an IVF cycle, this technology may not confer the same amount of benefit.

The concept of this technology is that an embryo, which shows the best development, may have fewer abnormalities and would have the best potential to implant into the womb. It is important to remember that this is still a very new technology with studies being done on a small number of embryos and much more research is needed before it can be routinely used. In addition, this technique which has not yet been validated by research and will incur an increased expenditure and would be useful in a select number of cases which produce a higher proportion of embryos.

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